1. The amount of CO2 in the atmosphere on the day 414 was founded in 2021.

  2. Collaborative platform for compliance and value creation through EU Sustainable Finance Regulation

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Climate first

Climate change is the biggest market failure of our time. It has become apparent that we need to fundamentally change the rules of our economic system to survive. We need to move from a world where currency represents just the economic value to a holistic one. This new system should incorporate environmental issues like pollution, and social issues such as inequalities.

Incorporating values

414 helps with the transition to this new system by providing a technology layer that helps markets incorporate these new values. Currently, we are focussing on sustainable finance regulation, starting in Europe. In the medium term, 414 will bring forward a suite of methods to quantify value and add these to financial markets.

We care about


We believe in an open and honest company culture where we share if things do not feel right and try to be as open as possible about our differences. As one of our main goals is to lead the financial market and its players to a more transparent framework, this is also reflected in our every day work and communication with each other.


We are striving to grow into an international team where we learn from one another. As climate change affects everyone, we believe that everyone can and should contribute towards the fight against it. This shared responsibility regardless of (cultural) background is reflected in our team.


Greenwashing is still a major concern in today's economic system with obviously polluting companies promoting themselves as sustainable. At 414, we do not take integrity lightly, and we make sure that our everyday actions strive towards decreasing greenwashing as much as possible.

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At 414, our goal is to change the way the financial sector invests. We aim to reduce greenwashing and stimulate financing activities with a real positive impact. We accomplish this by building a web application based on new EU regulations for the financial industry to better understand the sustainability of investment portfolios.

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